Steve Small
Some attributes
First Gender:
Second Male
Third Species:
Other attributes
Fourth Cloud-like primate
Fifth Age:
Sixth 40's
Some attributes
First Friends:
Second Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Lemongrab
Third Enemies:
Other attributes
Fourth Ice King
Fifth Occupation:
Sixth Counselor
Some attributes
First First Appearance:
Second "The Egg"
Third Voice:
Other attributes
Fourth Usher (Season 1)
Adam Long (Season 2 onwards)

Mr. Steve Small is a supporting character in Adventure Time. He is the hippie counselor of Adventure Land. Although his job is to advise the students, he tends to act like the one that needs the most help. He first appearance is in "The Egg" where he walks down the hall during Finn and Gunter's marriage.

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